Dual LED Portable Floodlight with Stand ZA-442

ZA-442-5W (2 x 5 Watt LED)

 ZA-442-10W (2 x 10 Watt LED)



• Extreme Bright LED COB Globes
• Low Heat Emitter with High Efficiency
• Reflector for Uniform Light Dispersion

• Individual Switch on Each Light

• 5m Heavy-Duty Detachable Cable

• Operates from Vehicle 12V DC

• Horizontal & Vertical Beam Adjustment

• Easy to Setup and Reposition

• Height Extendable Tripod Stand

• Foldable Stand for Easy Handling & Storage

• Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use

• Shockproof & Rainproof

• 1 Year Limited Warranty

• Ideal for Handymen, Contractors, Construction, Campers,
Workshops, Emergency Services, Mining, Outdoor/Indoor Events,
Concerts, Parties etc





• 2 x 5 Watt LED Globe 450 Lumens each (Part # ZA-442-5W)

or 2 x 10 Watt LED Globe 900 Lumens each (Part # ZA-442-10W)
• Colour Temperature 6500K

• Beam Angle 120 Degrees

• Globe Life span > 50,000hours

• Single Ceramic LED Array (COB)

• Input Voltage: 12v DC 1A(5W), 1.5A(10W)

• Operating Current / each light: 0.5A(5W), 0.75A(10W)

• Toughened Glass Cover

• Height Adjustable 80cm to 170cm

• Working Environment -20°C to 65° C

• Rating IP65

• Weight: 3.5kg


This floodlight can be powered with the included vehicle adaptor either from a vehicle’s 12V socket or separate car battery. A 5m detachable heavy-duty cable has twin plugs for each of the lights. The power socket is located beneath each light next to the ON/OFF switch. Gently lift the rubber socket protector and insert the plug into each light. Lead the cable from the light to a power source and ensure the wire is not damaged or broken. Press the ON/OFF switch to operate.

This light uses significant amounts of power. If powered from a vehicle that is OFF and not running ensure that the light is not left on for long periods or a flat car battery may result. A standard, fully-charged car battery will power the light for about 30 hours and then go flat. It is therefore only recommended to use the light for a few hours on battery power alone and then recharging the battery.

• Small Car Battery 40AH: 40hrs (5W), 26hrs (10W)
• Medium Car Battery 60AH: 60hrs (5W), 40hrs (10W)
• Large Car Battery 80AH: 80hrs (5W), 53hrs (10W)

The dual LED Zartek ZA-442 portable floodlight has an Aluminium lightweight housing for the lights with powder coated steel tripod stand for firm positioning on flat surfaces. Beam direction can be adjusted individually per light by 360° horizontally and 90° vertically. Fix the floodlight head position by tightening the 3 hand screws.

• Beam Angle 120 Degrees per Light
• Wide Area Flood Beam Distance approx. 50 meters for 5 Watt &
80 meters for 10 Watt

This floodlight is ideal for caravan parks, events, repair work, construction, automotive, roadside assistance, outdoor, industrial and general use. LED globes are shockproof and never need replacing. The light casings and tripod stand are durable and lightweight and this portable floodlight is easy to setup and reposition wherever temporary light is required. Applications include handymen, contractors, campers, mining, workshops, parties, concerts etc.