Zartek PT8 two-way radio



  Two-way Radio Set

  Small & Compact

  8 Channels / 38 CTCSS Codes

  LCD display with Backlight

  Range up to 5km terrain dependent

  VOX Voice Activation, 3 levels

  APO, Auto Power Off

  Roger Beep

  10 Call Tones

  Scan, Main Channel

  Volume, 8 levels

  Battery Level Indicator

  Battery Life

    50 hours on normal average use

  1 Year Limited Warranty



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   Transmitter power:   500mW ERP
   Frequency band:   Simplex UHF 446MHz  FM Modulation 

  446.00625 ~   446.09375 MHz

   Channels:   304 (8 Frequencies):  38 CTCSS codes
   Range:   300m - 500m indoors:

  1 - 4km outdoor flat:

  5 - 10km elevated line-of-sight

   Weight:   90g (inc. battery)
   Size (inc.antenna):   125mm (h) x 52mm (w) x 30mm (d)
   Operating Temp:   -10 to + 50 C
   Power Source:   3 x AAA batteries (included 6 batteries in each pack)
   Casing:   high impact materials