UV Flashlight ZA-49O

Scorpion Detection

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 Scorpion Detection

Other Uses for UV Flashlights

Leak Detection

Glass Repair

Reading Fluorescent Inks

Antique Inspection

Mineral Lighting and    Identification




Ultraviolet Wavelength 390-400nm

 10m Beam Distance

Heavy-duty Aluminium Casing

Tactical Back Switch

Uses 3 x AAA batteries (included)

Wrist Strap included


Length 100 mm

Head diameter 33mm

Shaft diameter 28mm

Weight with Battery: 80g

UV light causes many objects to fluoresce at night making their detection much easier. Scorpions glow at when exposed to UV light which makes this torch a standard tool for nocturnal field studies and surveys. Some varieties of scorpions may only be sensitive to certain wavelengths of UV light. The intensity of the fluorescence of a scorpion will also depend on its size and developmental stage.


UV light can also be used to detect if glue or other materials where used on furniture or antiques. Leaks can be detected as oil and grease will glow. Stains which are invisible to the naked eye could also be exposed using UV light. Forensic investigations use UV light to notice biological matter such as traces of blood. Urine from pests such as mice or rats will be highlighted using a UV torch.


Invisible ink is used in many identification documents to protect against forgery. UV light exposes these marks or symbols. Entrance or voting stamps use invisible hand stamps to mark each person. Only a UV torch will reveal these stamps.