About Us

Zartek is an importation and distribution corporation specializing in innovative products. Most of our products are portable and rechargeable. We interface closely with manufacturers, primarily in the Far East, to engineer products to excel within Africa’s tough environment. Zartek brings the consumer and industrial market high-spec. products at very competitive prices. Our many decades of engineering and experience in design are continuously creating a range of quality, innovative and interesting products.

Zartek was founded in the year 2000 on the license free two-way radio communication products of which we have become a market leader and industry standard. Our range of 2-way radios covers the full spectrum of applications from basic entry to rugged industrial splash proof products. Most rewarding is that our radio products have assisted in users having fun, saving time & effort logistically and added to security & strategic systems in life threatening situations.

With the same degree of attention Zartek over the years has branched out into three other main market areas; (1)Wireless intercom systems for both residential & industrial applications, (2)High powered LED portable rechargeable lighting and (3) a mix of innovative consumer products. In all of these fields we have led much of the South African market in innovation and industrial standards.

Zartek products are used by cyclists, bikers, security personnel, building and electrical contractors, cable installers, factory and warehouse supervisors, logistic staff in airports and hotels, educational institutions, sports events, game park tourists and rangers, hikers, campers, para-gliders, farmers, golfers, restaurant waiters and caterers, drivers in convoys, hunters, film producers, shoppers, families on outings and many applications beyond the imagination.