Zartek PRO SERIES: PRO-5/PRO-8 WT-206

Stopwatch with lap time
Baby monitor (3 levels)
Credit card size
Li-ion rechargeable battery
190/304 powerful UHF channels
No licence required
Group communication
Built-in VOX (3 levels)
Rubberised finish
Ultra Slim size (19mm)
Ultra light weight (67g with battery)

Includes: External Microphone with ear-piece Speaker (PTT/ VOX)

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There are two different frequency bands for handheld public UHF two-way radios in South Africa, a 5 and an 8 frequency band.

The Pro-8 is pre-programmed with 8 frequencies (UHF 446MHz)and is therefore channel compatible to the original Zartek Eco and other radios also using this band .

The Pro-5 is programmed with 5 frequencies (UHF 463MHz) and is therefore channel compatible to the original Zartek model no. 21-1860-AF sometime also referred as the ZA-200.

The Pro-5 is thus not compatible to the Pro-8 as they operated in different frequency bands.


Included Items:

>Pro5 or Pro8 two-way radio
>Mains charger (220v)
>Vehicle charger 12v
>Li-ion rechargeable battery
>PTT/VOX earphone with microphone
>Users manual


>2x Pro5 or 2xPro8 two-way radio
>Mains charger (220v)
>Vehicle charger 12v
>Desktop dual charging cradle
>USB direct charging cable
>2x Li-ion rechargeable battery
>2x PTT/VOX earphone with microphone
>2x Lanyard
>Users manual


5 or 8 UHF (Ultra High Frequencies) Frequencies
38 CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Sub-audible Squelch) Codes
190 channels (PRO-5) or 304 channels (PRO-8)
Digital Volume Control (8 levels)
Channel Scanning
VOX (Voice Operated Transmit) Function (3 levels of sensitivity)
Roger Beep On/Off
Call Function (10 different tones)
Auto Squelch Control
PLL (Phase Lock Loop) Controlled Circuitry 
Back lighted LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
Keypad Lock
Memory Retention Function
Auto Power Off (APO)
Power Saving Circuitry
Battery Charge/Drain Indication
Transmit indicator icon and light
24 hour battery life on full charge (duty cycle 5:5:90)




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Optional Accessories: 

      GE-245 - Desk-top dual battery charger.

      GE-219 - PTT/VOX earphones with boom microphone.

      GE-246 - PTT/VOX earphones with in-line microphone.

      GE-244F - Ear-bone microphone with speaker & finger PTT.

      GE-243 - Spare Li-ion rechargeable battery (720mAH)


 Transmitter power: 500mW ERP
 Frequency band: Simplex UHF 446MHz (Pro8)/463 MHz (Pro5)
 Channels: 304 (8 Frequencies): 190 (5 Frequencies) + 38 CTCSS codes
 Range: 500m - 1km indoors: 2-5km outdoor flat: 5-20km elevated line-of-sight
 Weight: 67g (inc. battery)
 Size (inc.antenna): 124mm (h) x 45mm (w) x 19mm (d)
 Operating Temp: -20 to + 60 C
 Power Source: 3.7V DC (LI-ION Battery)
 Casing: high impact materials