Zartek Radio Intercom (ZA-620)

Extra Long distance

Fixed Mount

Multiple portable handsets




  • Rain-proof metal casing.

  • Range (terrain dependent) up to 800m indoors 1-4 km outdoors.

  • Rechargeable battery for back-up power.

  • Wireless Audio Communication.

  • Licence-free use.

  • Compatible to ZA725, ZA748, ZA758, ZA705 and Pro5 two-way radios.

  • 16 licence-free channels to choose from.

  • Radio handsets sold separately.

  • User Programmable.

  • Easy Installation.

  • Optional Long range remote control for gate opening.

  • Operates on a single channel.

  • 24 hour back-up power from rechargeable batteries.

  • Dimensions: width 165mm, height 145mm, depth 80mm


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Includes: Radio intercom, mains adaptor and rechargeable batteries


House/office entrances, Warehouse deliveries and receiving bays, Farms, plots and large areas.

Also suitable for Lodges, Hospital and Schools.

Radio handsets can be set on SCAN mode to monitor many different ZA620


Zartek ZA-725 Radio

Range 500-800m built-up


Zartek ZA-758 Radio

Range 500-800m built-up

Zartek PRO Radio (wt-206)

Range 200-300m built-up


GE-TX1: 1 Button key ring Remote Control, Code Hopping (More button remotes are available)

GE-RX1:1 Channel Receiver 500m, code-hopping (4 channel receivers and lower range 1 channel receivers are available)

GE-S4: 4 Channel Transmitter 1 km: Code hopping. Fixed unit.

Repeater will extend range. A signal  transmitted from remote or other transmitter will be repeated to get futher distance and reach the receiver connected to the gate. A few repeaters can be connected if needed.