Zartek ZA-758 - FAQs

Does the radio need a licence to operate?

No licence is required as the radio operates in a public frequency band. The ZA-758 is unique as it is set on both the 464MHz band (5 frequencies) and the 446MHz band (8 frequencies). All Zartek two-way radios are fully approved by ICASA.

What is the range of the radio?

The Zartek ZA-758 can work in any environment or place. Range is terrain dependant and the figures below are not exact but just an indication of the performance. Generally the range of the ZA-758 will be 30% better than recreational radios such as the COM8 or Pro8.

Typical distances in different terrains are:

  • 600m-1000m indoors (buildings, warehouses, shopping malls, city centre and dense bush)
  • 2-6km outdoors flat (residential areas, over water, farmland and open/light bush)
  • 10-30km elevated line-of-sight (top of buildings, hills or mountains range increases with height)


Can an external antenna be used on the ZA-758?

A main feature on the ZA-758 radio is the detachable antenna. This external magnetic mount rain-proof antenna can be connected to the radio and improve radio clarity and range when using the radio in a vehicle or building. The magnetic mount car kit (GE-277) includes magnetic mount antenna with cable, plug-in vehicle adaptor and handheld speaker microphone for easy communication.

Radio signal strength is reduced by metal and concrete enclosures therefore communicate range is low (typically 500m-1km) when using a standard radio with an integrated antenna inside a vehicle. When the antenna is placed outside using the magnetic mount, the signal propagation and clarity improves significantly. Communication range is approximately doubled when using the car external antenna. Also note that, the higher the antenna is placed, the further the range. Range increases will be greatest when there is clear line-of-sight between vehicles and there are no other vehicles, buildings, trees or mountains obstructing the view.


Is the Zartek ZA-758 compatible with other radios?

The ZA-758 uses both the 446 MHz license-free band (PMR) which consists of 8 frequencies and the 464 MHz band (5 frequencies). Therefore the radio will be compatible to any license free radio such as the Zartek Pro8, Pro5, Eco, ZA708, ZA705, ZA200.

The radio has been pre-programmed with 16 channels (see table). Select a channel (1-16) on the ZA-758 and make sure the other radio's channel corresponds by choosing frequency (1-8 or 1a-5a) and tone (1-38). The preset tones on channels 9,10,11 are set to off to allow direct compatibility on the open channel.

Channel Frequency Tone
1 1 10
2 2 10
3 3 10
4 4 10
5 5 10
6 6 10
7 7 10
8 8 10
9 1 OFF
10 2 OFF
11 3 OFF
12 1a 15
13 2a 15
14 3a 15
15 4a 15
16 5a 15

Can you program more channels or settings on the ZA-758?

The ZA-758 uses 5 and 8 frequencies with 50 tones and 105 digital tones. These tones help privatise the communication and are effectively like separate channels. There are 2015 channel combinations to select. These can be programmed using the optional PC programming USB cable (GE254) and software downloaded from ZA-758 webpage.

The cable plugs into the radio and the user can select various parameters such as frequency (1-8, 1a-5a), tones (1-38, 12 QT, 105 DQT), VOX hands-free voice activation, VOX delay, VOX sensitivity, call ring tone, emergency call, squelch level, low battery warning alert, battery level indicator, scan, priority scan, DTMF, PTT ID on TX or RX or both, Scrambler and compander. (See users manual for full explanation). The 2 side buttons can be allocated with these functions.

What battery does the radio use, how long does it last and how is it recharged?

Li-ion battery is used in the Zartek ZA-758 radio. The capacity is 1600mAH. Fully charged the battery will will last for 30 hours  when used on a 5:5:90 duty cycle (5% transmit, 5% receive and 90% on-standby). The radio will announce when the battery is running flat.

A full charge takes about 6 hours. Each battery can be recharged 500-750 cycles but exposure to high temperature could decrease the number of available cycle or even damage the battery. The battery should be stored with charge as this increases its shelf life. Li-ion maintains the charge for weeks unlike other rechargeable batteries. Li-ion batteries have no memory effect and can be recharged any time.

The battery clips on to the back of the radio and gets charged directly by plugging in the adaptor to a side socket on the battery. There is an indicator on the charger showing charging and full. A vehicle adaptor (GE-279) and Spare batteries (GE-278) are available and can the battery be charged separately.

What is the warranty on the radios?

Each radio carries a 12 month factory warranty. This covers all faults that occurred during normal usage of the radio where no customer negligence is present. There is also a full service department to repair any damaged radios. In case of a faulty unit please contact the store where the radio was purchased so they can send it to us or contact Zartek directly.