Digital Wireless Intercom - 1 Button

 Zartek Digital Wireless One-Button Gate intercom   (CDP-801)

  • Long range
  • Easy installation
  • Automatic communication at gate, PTT function at handset
  • Gate triggering from handset

  ZA-650-A   Gatestation and Handset Kit,          ZA-650   Gatestation (with Power Supply) and Handset Kit,    

  ZA-651  Handset with Charger             GE-286  Spare Handset Battery (Old version, silver casing, 2 wire)

  ZA-652   Back Gatestation (slave / add-on) with Power Supply         GE-286-B  Spare Handset Battery (NEW version 2022, gold casing, 3 wire)




    • Digital Audio Communication
    • Free from Interference
    • Long Range
    • Reliable & Simple
    • Easy Installation
    • Portable Handset
    • Low Cost System
    • Rainproof & UV resistant
    • Gate Triggering
    • Battery Back-up

    Hands-free Use for Visitor & PTT for Resident
    Gate Triggering (relay included)
    Gate powered from supply (optional) or gate motor 12v
    Gatestation battery Back-up with 3 AAA batteries (not included) (not for permanent installation)
    Manual Programming (see manual for details)
    Mount on standard gooseneck or against wall (not inside rain shield which blocks signal)
    Selectable audio, visual or vibration alert
    Outdoor temperature reading on handset
    Handset with rechargeable Li-ion battery
    Low risk of lightning damage
    Out-of-range and low battery level alert
    Multiple Handsets (ZA-651 optional extra handset)
    Additional Gatestations (ZA-652 optional extra gatestation)
    Intercom function between handsets
    1 Year limited warranty (see manual for details)
    Fully approved by ICASA

    IDEAL FOR: Houses, Residential properties, Small Office buildings, etc

    Typical Range is 50-70m in built-up areas and further in open terrain.

  • The Zartek Wireless Intercom System is newly developed and four years of R&D in the making. It is fully approved by ICASA.

    Communication is initiated from the gatestation by pressing the bell button. All the handsets linked will ring and communication is established. Communication is simplex so only one person can speak at a time but the gatestation’s microphone is always active so the visitor does not have to press any key to speak. The inside handset can enter into the conversation at any time by pressing a PTT button.

    There is a lock trigger button on the handset for opening a motorized gate or striker lock. This can trigger the front gate station at any time or during a call.

    Multiple handsets can be added for the same house to have internal communication. There is a handset calling button which works on push-to-talk.

    Additional (back) gate stations can be added on the system to ring the same handset/s. When a handset is on a call with a back gate, a B will show on the screen and the relay on that Gatestation can be triggered during the call

    Programming is done manually to link handset or handsets to a button.

    There is a light sensor which illuminates the bell button at night.

    Model # ZA-650: Gatestation (MASTER) with Handset Kit
    Package includes:
    Gate Station
    Handset with desktop charger
    Gate Power Supply
    Special Tool
    Relay board

    Model # ZA-651: Handset with Charger
    Package includes:
    Handset with desk-top Charger
    User Manual

    Model # ZA-652: Back Gatestation (SLAVE)
    Package includes:
    Back Gate Station (only for adding on extra unit: SLAVE)
    Gate Power Supply
    Special Tool
    Relay board

    Spare GE-286 Rechargeable Battery 3.7V Li-ion, wire with connector

  • Layout
    GE-286 old version
    GE-286-B new version
  • Video of 1 Button Wireless Intercom: Basic Operation

    Video of 1 Button Wireless Intercom: Programming Procedure

Zartek ZA-650A ZA650-A ZA-650 CDP801 cdp801 CDP-801 ZA650 ZA651 ZA652 digital wireless intercom gate trigger PTT audio communication house wireless ZA-651 ZA-652 GE286 GE-286 50m 70m gate control  ZA